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As an integral part of any major home renovation project, or as a stand-alone home improvement, replacing and upgrading windows makes a dramatic impact on your property’s attractiveness and value. Today, our clients have an exciting array of window styles and materials to choose from. Besides completing a home’s look, new windows can significantly contribute to your quality of life by reducing noise, regulating temperatures, and providing natural light for extended hours of the day.

Washington DC Home Construction and Remodeling is here to help you match the right type of windows for your home’s needs. Make the most of each room by replacing or enlarging a window. Skylights are always an option to maximize your interior and exterior home balance, while maintaining and element of privacy and coziness. We also solve custom window needs on request, with guidance from our designers. Their thorough understanding of DC’s historic architecture and modern trends will present you with plenty of window options to choose from.

Washington DC Home Construction and Remodeling is dedicated to our environmentally aware clients. We will be happy to provide certified “green” windows – allowing better energy efficiency, made of non-toxic materials, and durable.


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