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Imagine a gleaming, stylish floor lies before you as you enter your home – exquisite tiles, marble, hardwood floors, carpeting or even concrete!
Because it’s something you walk on every day, home floors sometimes get lost in the big picture of home remodeling projects. Yet, the right floor installation will complete the finish of your home’s new design.

Washington DC Home Construction and Remodeling is here to tell you that it’s time to put a new floor for your home at center stage. New flooring for your entire house or to accent a special room is more affordable than you think. That is because of a host of material innovations and design trends in the last few years.

Our services:
Hardwood floors – genuine or nature-inspired synthetics assembly, staining, crafting, environmentally friendly woods available.
Marble – expert cutting, crafting, and laying
Tile – all shapes and sizes, unique designs and patterns; expert laying, grouting, and fitting.
Concrete – sleek, uniform molding, staining and finishing for an ultra modern and practical choice
Carpet – variety of styles, textures, stain-repellent and durable

Washington DC Home Construction and Remodeling also offers outdoor and utility flooring services.

Driveway concrete setting or tiling
Garden stone paths, tiling
Garage floor resurfacing, staining

Contact our team of designers and craftsmen today to get on the path to your dream home flooring.

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