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A beautiful, functional bathroom – no, it’s not asking too much!  This area of our home, with the right design and amenities, will become a place where you can enjoy private time for physical and mental renewal.  Our clients are often surprised at the ease of changing an ordinary bathroom into a pampering spot that will hold up for years to come.

For your bathroom construction or remodeling needs, Washington DC Home Construction and Remodeling offers an array of design options.
In addition, we can create a custom remodeling design based on your requests or your home features.  Our team works to create your vision quickly and expertly, with high quality materials, and within your budget.

Our Services:
bathroom redesign for optimal space
new sink, faucets, fixtures
toilet and bidet installation
bathtub and jacuzzi
shower and jet installation – steam, high end, and special order showerheads
bathroom ventilation systems
mirror mounting and shower doors/enclosures
bathroom floor and wall tiling
bathroom cabinet installation and custom building
skylight or lighting

We are happy to cater to our environmentally aware clients throughout the DC Metro – the materials and products that go into your home’s new bathroom will be certified “green”: non-toxic to humans and the ecosystem, environmentally friendly in production and disposal, aesthetic drawn from nature.

We are happy to cater to the special needs of our disabled or elderly clients – access, safety, and ease of use in your home’s bathroom.


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